B. S. Teapot Generator Output

See here for more information on the BSTPG.

The BSTPG system was run for the first time at the micro-launch event held at the arebyte Gallery (London) on Wednesday the of 12th December 2018 and the resulting teapot was delivered on Friday the 21st.

You can watch the unboxing video below, or scroll down to see still images.

BSTPG Output Objects

Physical production of the output objects is outsourced to a professional 3D printing service. Models are uploaded and orders placed entirely automatically by the system, with no human oversight or intervention.

The BSTPG system assigns a number an a randomly generated name to each output object. The name-generating algorithm is quite basic but they are usually fairly pronounceable if you make the effort. For guidance, I have included an IPA transcription of each name as I interpret it.

#1: Elehaycn (eleˈheiːsn)

Type: Teapot
Dimensions: 172 x 236 x 220mm
Date: 12/12/2018 (package received on 21/12/2018)

BSTPG Output Object #1 (Elehaycn)
BSTPG Output Object #1 (Elehaycn)
BSTPG Output Object #1 (Elehaycn)